Why Swift Energy?

The national and regional energy markets go through multiple transformations. Phasing out the hydrocarbons threatens the equilibrium.

Disruptions from competitors, combinations of old and new vulnerabilities, aggressive conduct of dominant players and other systems’ shortcomings push for immediate action.

We help companies and business leaders to capture the value of the energy transition.

We believe we must act NOW, and affirm our pledge for investing in safer, affordable, reliable and cleaner energy production, storage and consumption.


What we do

When it comes to investing in energy projects, money is something, and market knowledge is everything.

We provide support for the decision-making process regarding the current and planned projects in the energy field.

We guide efforts to reach the optimal mechanisms for securing the supply, and reducing the carbon footprint.

Push for


Quest for


Bring out


Swift Energy equals effectiveness

Our Team

Our team of professionals embodies the strength and the determination of leaders who see the projects done at the right time.

Get your Swift Energy!

Tell us about your next big idea in energy and let us share with you the right momentum of seeing it realised.

Drop us a quick message at office@swiftenergy.ro.

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